The two crackheads from NZ who went in search for the 'fabled' Mongolian death worm have returned! No news as to wether they found it but they are definitely making a documentary which is due out some time next year

Apparently the worm is:
"over half a metre long, and thick as a man’s arm, resembling the intestine of cattle. Its tail is short, as [if] it were cut off, but not tapered. It is difficult to tell its head from its tail because it has no visible eyes, nostrils or mouth. Its colour is dark red, like blood or salami… It moves in odd ways – either it rolls around or squirms sideways, sweeping its way about. It lives in desolate sand dunes and in the hot valleys of the Gobi desert with saxaul plants underground. It is possible to see it only during the hottest months of the year, June and July; later it burrows into the sand and sleeps. It gets out on the ground mainly after the rain, when the ground is wet. It is dangerous, because it can kill people and animals instantly at a range of several metres."

The creature is reported to be able to spray acid that causes death instantly. It is also claimed that this creature has the ability to kill from a distance with some sort of super charged lightening bolt.
It is believed that touching any part of the worm will bring instant death, and its venom supposedly corrodes metal.

Well i believe it